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  • Dự án

    The Crescent Shopping Mal

  • Địa điểm

    Tan Phu, District 7, HCMC

Sản phẩm sử dụng

Flamebar BW11 Fire Rated Ductwork

Chi tiết

The Crescent Shopping Mall is a shopping mall located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard – a strategic location in Phu My Hung urban area, District 7. Officially opened in late 2011, Crescent Mall is considered the first shopping mall in Vietnam to reach international standards with an extremely unique crescent design, comparable to famous shopping malls in Hong Kong, Singapore, and many other countries in Asia.

Crescent Shopping Mall has 6 floors, concentrating more than 200 stores with more than 140 domestic and international high-end brands, food shops, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, department stores, CGV Cineplex cinema, retail chains, and countless entertainment activities, bringing great shopping and entertainment experiences, is an ideal place for all visitors. This mall is a perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality and enjoyable shopping experience in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Size/Area: Total area: 112,000 m2
  • Product: Flamebar BW11
  • Completed: 2011
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