With the motto of serving and protecting the best interests of customers as well as bringing genuine products as quickly as possible, Toan Cau Building Materials would like to offer specific shipping policies as follows!

1. Delivery methods in TCBM

Toan Cau Building Materials Co., Ltd. receives delivery nationwide with diverse delivery methods. As follows:

1.1. Receive goods directly at the warehouse

You can go directly to the address No. 81C Duong Cong Khi Street, Hamlet 6, Xuan Thoi Son Commune, Ho Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, to receive goods directly.

When receiving the goods, you will receive the product with the documents, sales invoice, and financial invoice (if required).

1.2. TCBM staff deliver to the project

Inner city area:

  • If you request, TCBM will deliver products to the project, the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City construction area.
  • For orders under VND 20,000,000, please pay the shipping fee. Additional fees may apply if applicable based on mutual agreement.
  • For orders valued at VND 20,000,000 or more, TCBM will have a shipping support package.

Suburban area:

  • For customers in neighboring provinces, we will charge shipping and incidental fees (if any).
  • The shipping fee will be calculated based on the specific order value

The time to receive goods for the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City is at least after 01 working day and not more than 03 working days if the goods are in stock. For out-of-town orders, we will contact you to discuss the specific delivery time.

Most of our products are exclusive products manufactured directly from factories around the world according to the needs and orders of customers. Therefore, the time to receive the outcome will depend on many factors, such as Product production time and shipping time from the factory to Vietnam. For these orders, our sales specialists will track and notify the status of the goods according to the route. At the same time, the delivery time will also be notified to you as soon as information is available from the factory.

2. Some regulations on transportation – forwarding

  • Before receiving the goods, please carefully check them and compare them with the vouchers and warranty cards (if any). After confirming successful delivery, we will be fully responsible if the product has a manufacturer defect.
  • The product price does not include shipping and handling charges.

Additional fees do not include construction fees.

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