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    Country House Coffee

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    Phan Van Tri, Go Vap, HCMC

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IKO Cambridge

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IKO Marathon

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Country House Coffee is a cafe designed in European style, specifically the Dutch countryside style. Every detail in the cafe shows the authenticity and sophistication of this style. The white-painted wooden fences create a bright picture; the small wooden houses above with doors covered in vines create a lovely and romantic space. Or the windmills and winding streams bring a feeling of closeness to nature.

IKO Shingles stone-coated bitumen tiles supplied by TCBM are perfectly suited to the European style. Not only do they play the role of roofing, but bitumen tiles have also contributed to creating the overall aesthetic value of the Country House Coffee space, creating a unique and very worth exploring space for customers when they come to enjoy coffee at the shop.

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