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    Aqua Mekong Cruise

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Resysta Eco-Wood

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Aqua Mekong is a luxury cruise and hotel operated by Aqua Expeditions, the first company to operate two 5-star cruises on the Amazon River. The cruise was completed in 2015 at a total cost of $6 million and was designed by Italian experts. Aqua Mekong’s đẳng cấp is confirmed with 20 luxury rooms, a bar, a high-class restaurant, and professional services for tourists.

With its value and quality, Resysta eco-wood is a perfect choice for the cruise. The product is used to create special accents for the following items: hydraulic pool, pergola, wooden furniture in the rooms, ceiling walls, column cladding, and cruise deck (outdoor wooden floor). The luxury and quality of Resysta contribute to further enhancing the sophistication and đẳng cấp of the cruise.

  • Size/Area:
    – Number of cabins: 20 cabins
    – Size of each cabin: 30 m2
  • Product: Resysta wood
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