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Flex Drop Yong Won Fire Resistant Flexible Hose

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Flamebar BW11 Fire Rated Ductwork

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K-FLEX insulation and sound absorption

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Vinhomes Metropolis Lieu Giai will be the place to own modern 5-star facilities for the high-class life of the elite. Living in the heart of a city growing at the speed of the world, future residents of Metropolis Lieu Giai will enjoy the most outstanding living values. Global is trusted to supply Flamebar BW11 fireproof paint and Flex Drop Yong Won flexible hose for the duct system for the project.

For more information about K-flex insulation, please contact: Hotline: 0911 771 551 – Email: toancau@tcbm.vn, which is imported and distributed exclusively in the Vietnam market of Global. Vinhomes Metropolis Lieu Giai is the most luxurious project of Vingroup in Hanoi, known as the new symbol of upper-class life in the capital.

Located at 29 Lieu Giai – golden coordinates in the center of Hanoi, Vinhomes Metropolis is considered an ideal “diamond” location. Vinhomes Metropolis residents can experience a comprehensive view of 4 large lakes: Thu Le Lake, Ngoc Khanh Lake, Giang Vo Lake and West Lake, with super convenient transport connections. In particular, the unique utility landscape inspired by creative floating gardens, in harmony between green space and water surface, promises to bring moments of relaxation to the heart of the bustling inner city.

0911 771 551