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    Ho Chi Minh City

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IKO Cambridge

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Van Phuc City is a complex urban area that has created high-class living spaces, excellent amenities, a unique living space, a symbol of a young metropolitan area, and sustainable development on the Saigon River. Magnificent Saigon. With 60% of the site for water and green landscape works, and a series of high-class internal amenities, only projects far from the center have land funds to implement. With all-in-one criteria, the living needs of residents of the Van Phuc urban area will be met by high-class services on the doorstep.

Project Location: National Highway 13, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, with a total project area of ​​194ha

Products: IKO Bitumen Shingles Roofing – IKO Shingles stone coated bituminous roofing sheets Cambridge style, National Blue color, Harvard Slate

Owning a series of unique works: The Long Park riverside park is the longest in Ho Chi Minh City, 3.4 km, where outdoor fun and entertainment activities take place; The largest landscape lake in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City – Dai Nhat Lake is 16 hectares wide; Song Trang canal is poetic, a source of wealth with a total length of more than 2km,… Especially the density of green areas is huge: More than 60% of the urban area is green and has a water surface.

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