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Resysta Eco-Wood

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Moc Huong Spa was conceived and developed with a design that harmonizes the two cultures of East and West, close to nature, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to those who seek great tranquillity and privacy. A spa chain with rich and quality services from many countries has attracted domestic and international customers. Moc Huong Spa provides solutions for healthy, beautiful, radiant, and bright skin and keeps the body full of energy with an attractive aura.

A unique feature here is a relaxing space with elegant and private room standards suitable for many customer needs. With a distinct design style, Moc Huong Spa has chosen Resysta eco-wooden products to decorate the space cozier and more environmentally friendly. Resysta wood is produced by German technology, imported by a Global Company, is now a trusted product in the Vietnamese market for more than ten years.

Resysta eco-wood is made from rice husk fiber wood, sea salt, and mineral oil to create a finished product that is safe for users and feels like natural wood. With such a structure, the product is resistant to insects, termites, cracking, and warping. Resyta wood is used as an outdoor flooring system. In addition, it is also widely used for interior, and exterior decoration, such as wall cladding, sunshades, column cladding, etc. Diverse models are suitable for many different applications. Resysta wood also owns a rich color palette of water-based paints, giving customers many options if they want to change the color according to their preferences.

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