See Hau Global Sdn. Bhd. is a leading in Malaysia manufacturer and marketer of high quality plastic pallets. Established in 1994, we started with only one molding machine.  Today, our total annual production capacity comes close to 1.5 million piece, making the company the largest manufacturer in Malaysia and this region.

See Hau Global’s products meet the stringent requirements of the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM), the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the ISO standards. We help businesses move, store, and distribute their products faster, better, safer and more cost-effectively. We have a wide spectrum of products that meet the diverse needs across industries. All marketed under the   brand name, the pallets can cater for one-way export, light-duty, heavy duty, hygienic environment and automatic storage retrieval system (ASRS) uses. We also carry some industrial containers (Bins) for ASRS application.

IntracoPallet® – Environmental friendly plastic pallets

By using IntracoPallet™ in your operation or supply-chain, you can:

  • Reuse the pallets many times
  • Trade in end-of-life pallets back to us for recycling
  • Support the 3R-concept of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  • Reduce carbon footprint

1. Environment:PALLET INTRACO

2. Compliances:

IntracoPallet® is hygienic & washable, it helps you comply with regulations:

  • GMP, HACCP & ISO22001 (food safety)
  • Exempted from ISPM -15 (exports)
  • 5S (clean manufacturing environment)
  • ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system)
  • ISO 14001:2004 (environmental protection)

3. Operation:

  • No repairing.
  • No cleaning of wood debris on factory floor.
  • Less product damages.
  • Less production down time.
  • Less administrative works (no pallet treatment, reduce palet ordering frequency etc.)
  • Simply less hassle.

4. Clean & Hygienic:

  • No contamination risk
  • Excellent for GMP, HACCP
  • ISO 22001 enviroments.

5. ISPM-15 Compliant

  • No hassles, less administrative works
  • Speedy clearance through importing customs
  • No non-compliance risk & punitive charges

6. RoHS Compliant

7. Consistent Quality

8. Automation Friendly

9. Light Weight

10. Cost

  • 5-10 years working life.
  • Benefit from trade-in value
  • Approximately 50% savings over 5 years compare to wooden pallets.


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