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    Vincom Plaza Hau Giang

  • Địa điểm

    Vi Thanh, Hau Giang

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Chi tiết

Vincom Plaza Hau Giang is part of the chain of famous commercial townhouse projects (Shophouse) across the country of Vin Group. Located on 3/2 Street – the most bustling area, concentrating the most prime administrative and commercial areas of Hau Giang province. The Shophouses here can be seen as a new breeze, changing the Hau Giang real estate market, and bringing a great opportunity to settle down and invest profitably.

Vincom Hau Giang has 4 above-ground floors and 1 basement. It is a gathering place for prestigious and beloved domestic and international fashion, food, and interior brands. It can be said that this is the “Paradise” of entertainment, shopping, entertainment, and cuisine of Hau Giang, providing quality products, fully equipped with amenities, ready to meet all customer needs.

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