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    Thinh Loc Church

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    Khanh Trang, Nghi Xuan Ward, Nghi Loc District, Nghe An

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AHI DECRA Corona Shake stone coated alloy roof

Chi tiết
Thinh Loc Church

Thinh Loc Church is a unique church with a striking conical design, located in the Vinh Diocese, Khanh Trang Hamlet, Nghi Xuan Commune, Nghi Loc District, Nghe An Province. This place has long been considered a land of “beautiful mountains and rivers” and “a place of outstanding people” in the Nghe An region.

Inspired by the traditional Nón La making craft of the locals in Cuu Hoi on the banks of the Lam Giang River, the church is also known as the “Nón Church”. The conical shape is a symbol of the local culture and heritage, and it also represents the aspiration of the people for a better life.

The use of Decra AHI stone-coated metal tiles has contributed to the overall beauty and uniqueness of Thinh Loc Parish Church. The church is a landmark in the area and a source of pride for the local community.

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