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  • Dự án

    Sun Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort

  • Địa điểm

    Mui Ong Doi, An Thoi, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

Sản phẩm sử dụng

IKO Cambridge

Chi tiết
Sun Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort

Sun Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is located in Mui Ong Doi, Phu Quoc Island – a unique location in Asia. This place is said to have a rare location because visitors can watch both sunrise and sunset in the same place, with clear blue water, white sand, majestic hills, and a poetic tropical forest surrounding it.

This project is likened to a “gem in the middle of the blue sea”. The design is inspired by the tropical climate and is an icon of contemporary Asian architecture combined with Vietnamese cultural features, bringing a new level to the resort masterpiece.

  • Size/Area: Total area: 73 hectares
  • Product: IKO Shingles
  • Style: Cambridge
  • Color: Driftwood
  • Completed: 2019
0911 771 551