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    INTEL Vietnam Factory

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    Thu Duc City, HCMC

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M-Flex Insulation

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K-FLEX insulation and sound absorption

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INTEL Vietnam Factory (IPV) is located in the Saigon Hi-Tech Park (in the old District 9), started construction in March 2007, and started operating from October 2010 to the present. With a total investment of up to 1 billion USD, IPV is the largest chip assembly and testing factory in Intel’s network in the world. There are many green spaces, office blocks, a private wastewater treatment system, and a solar power system installed.

INTEL Vietnam Factory project is considered by the Government to be an extremely important project, with positive significance in contributing to the implementation of the National Strategy on Information Technology (IT) Development by 2020. It can be said that Intel’s investment in Vietnam has helped to attract large projects from leading technology countries in the world. At the same time, it brings many job opportunities and contributes to the development of the domestic IT industry.

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