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    Bel Greenfield Factory

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    Phu Tan, Thu Dau 1, Binh Duong

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ARMAFLEX Class 0 Insulation

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ARMAFLEX Class 1 Insulation

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Armaflex insulation sheet and tube

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Bel Greenfield Factory is owned by BEL Vietnam, a company that produces famous cheese brands such as Con Bo Cuoi, Kiri, Babybel, Goodi, and Regal Picon. The factory has a total investment capital of 12.9 million Euros.

The factory was put into operation to increase the production value of dairy products, meeting consumer tastes. Bel Greenfield Factory has a capacity of 15,000 tons/year, mainly supplying products to the Vietnamese market and the Southeast Asian region.

This project is expected to create an impression of a professional company, providing high-quality products. The factory is designed with a simple and comfortable interior and exterior, emphasizing environmental friendliness, and ensuring safety and convenience for employees.

  • Size/Area: 17,000 m2
  • Products: Chiller pipe insulation and copper pipe insulation
  • Completed: 2016
0911 771 551