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    Hilton Bach Dang

  • Địa điểm

    Hai Chau, Da Nang

Sản phẩm sử dụng

K-FLEX ST insulation

Chi tiết

Hilton is a world-renowned hotel group with a wide range of investments, from hotels and resorts to apartments and mid-range hotels. Hilton Bach Dang is proud to be the first hotel to bring the Hilton brand to this dynamic city. It is a modern complex of 5-star hotels, office towers, and high-class apartments. Located in a central location, it is adjacent to many major roads, offering residents a convenient, vibrant lifestyle and wide-open business opportunities.

The complex is divided into two towers: the 29-story hotel tower with 226 rooms that meet international 4-star standards; and the 21-story office tower, comprising offices from 3000m2 that meet Class A standards and 70 high-class apartments. It meets all the needs of a resort, entertainment, and a venue for large conferences and seminars.

  • Size/Area: Land area: 6,902 m2
  • Product: Insulation pipes
  • Completed: 2017
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