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    Dau Rong Resort

  • Địa điểm

    Dragon Head Village, Cai Chien Island, Hai Ha District, Quang Ninh

Sản phẩm sử dụng

AHI DECRA Senator Shingle Stone Coated Alloy Roof

Chi tiết
Dau Rong Resort

Dau Rong Resort is a 20.1 hectares resort complex located on Cai Chien Island. The complex consists of 42 modern bungalows arranged around and facing the 7-color glass dome restaurant, the Dragon Pearl.

The designs here are all unique, luxurious, and especially close to nature. This resort offers a variety of amenities and facilities to meet the needs of guests, including a swimming pool, gym, spa, and 24-hour security. Decra AHI stone-coated steel tiles supplied by TCBM are the roofing material chosen for the roofs here, helping to add a touch of class, and luxury, and highlight the resort.

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