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    Cocoland River Beach Resort

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    Quang Ngai

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IKO Marathon

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Cocoland River Beach Resort is hidden under a green coconut trees fence; the resort looks like a watercolour painting reflecting on the Vuc Hong river by Cua Lo beach. Cocoland river beach resort includes 76 villas full of convenience facilities of a four-star standard, such as a restaurant, bar, conference room, infinity swimming pool, private beach, spa and gym area, tennis court, nature interior equipment from natural materials like wood, bamboo, coir, but luxurious colour, etc. The resort is located in Quang Ngai province, where the location is affected by sunshine, wind, river, sea, and sky, harmonising with the magnificent beauty of nature.

Toan Cau Building Materials Company (TCBM) is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of IKO Bitum Shingles Roofing for Cocoland River Beach Resort. We are committed to superior product quality, providing a good experience for users.

Roofing or Bitumen roofing with stone is one of the modern materials used for concrete roofs or roofs with truss systems for private houses, villas and resorts. IKO Shingles stone-coated bitumen roof sheets and roofs have many unique designs and beautiful colours.

IKO Shingles Marathon layered effect bitumen roofing sheet is composed of a bitumen base reinforced with fibreglass. It is completely waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions: overheating, or too cold. Opaque-coated stone is mined from natural mines in North America and does not absorb heat, reflect, and resist UV rays. 

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