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    Ca Mau Fertilizer Factory

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    U Minh, Ca Mau

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Ca Mau Fertilizer Factory

Ca Mau Fertilizer Factory is considered a key project that plays a crucial role in ensuring food security for Vietnam. The plant has a production capacity of 800,000 tons of urea per year and is situated in a 52-hectare area in Khanh An commune, U Minh district, Ca Mau province. The total investment for the plant is 900.2 million USD.

Ca Mau Fertilizer Factory not only contributes to stabilizing the fertilizer supply nationwide but also aims to greenify the industry in Vietnam.

The plant utilizes the most modern and advanced technologies available today. Most critical equipment is imported from EU/G7 countries. The plant also ensures compliance with stringent international standards such as ASME, API, JIS, and Vietnam’s mandatory environmental, safety, and fire prevention standards.

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