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    B.Braun Vietnam Factory

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    Thanh Oai, Ha Noi

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M-Flex Insulation

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K-FLEX insulation and sound absorption

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B.Braun is a leading pharmaceutical company founded in Germany in 1839 and has been operating in Vietnam since the early 1990s. B.Braun Vietnam Factory was started in 2008 with a total investment of up to 32.6 million USD and was officially inaugurated in 2011.

The factory specializes in manufacturing intravenous devices, blood coagulants, and disinfectants, assembling medical devices, and providing dialysis equipment rental services. With its scale and modern production facilities, it is considered the largest medical device manufacturing factory in Vietnam and an important part of B.Braun’s expansion strategy in Asia.

B.Braun Vietnam Factory combines advanced technology and high-quality production processes to provide medical devices that meet strict standards. The factory is committed to providing quality, safe products that contribute significantly to healthcare and community health support.

  • Size/Area: 99,994 m2
  • Products: Insulation pipes and accessories
  • Completed: 2016
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