K-FLEX K-PROTECT is a polyolefin foam with aluminium foam. The product has low thermal conductivity and has a Class 0 rating. K-FLEX K-PROTECT’s parameters are tested by independent international laboratories and manufacturer’s commitment to quantity. K-FLEX K-PROTECT is easy to install and durable.

K-FLEX K-PROTECT is the ideal choice for:

  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Acoustic insulation

Technical data

Properties Value Standard
Material Polyolefin foam with aluminium foam  
Thickness 6~50mm  
Temperature Range -40oC to +105oC  
Thermal Conductivity 0.032 W/mK at 23oC ASTM C518
Water vapour diffusion resistance 59,797 BS 12086
Fire Performance Surface Spread of Flame: Class 1 BS476 Part 7
Fire propagation:

Total Index Perfomance: I <12

Sub index: i < 6

BS476 Part 6
Fire Performance: Class 0 BS476 Part 6&7
HF-1 UL94
Flame spread index (FSI) / Smoke develop index (SDI) Class A ASTM E84
Density 46~99 kg/m3  
UV Resistance Tốt ASTM G153
Other certificates Zero Growth ASTM G21
Low VOC Emitting ASTM D5116

ISO 16000

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