K-FLEX TITAN is closed cell, flexible elastomeric foam insulation with a flexible co-extruded UV resistance jacketing. The product is used to enhance the weather and abuse resistance of the insulation tubing. K-FLEX TITAN is ideal for use on HVAC linesets and flex hose applications.

Techincal data:

Properties Value Standard
Material Flame – retarded NBR/PVC elastomeric foam with proprietary copolymer blend jacket  
Thickness 6~25mm  
Temperature Range -57oC to +104oC  
Thermal Conductivity 0.034 W/mK at 20oC ISO 8497
Water absorption < 0.01 perm.in ASTM E96
Fire Performance Surface Spread of Flame: Class 1 BS476 Part 7
Fire propagation:

Total Index Perfomance: I <12

Sub index: i < 6

BS476 Part 6
Fire Performance: Class 0 BS476 Part 6&7
V-0 5VA UL94
Flame spread index (FSI) / Smoke develop index (SDI) Class A ASTM E84
Density 48~70 kg/m3  
UV Resistance No changes ASTM G153


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