Flamebar BW11 fire rated coating – Fire rated coating specialized for ductwork – is a water based compound produced by UK technology, tested for fire rated ductwork up to 4h.

Flamebar BW11 Fire Rated Ductwork can confidently be specified and install for:

  • Smoke extract system
  • Car park extract system
  • Kitchen extract system
  • Stair pressurisation system

The completed system has been tested accredited by BRE to BS476 Part 24 and also certified by UL to ISO 6944 up to a temperature of 1133oC

  1. Physical Properties

  • Description : a specially formulated water based compound containing selected mineral filters in a low permeability elastomeric binder.
  • Colour : Natural buff
  • Total Solids : 65% by volume
  • Flash point : None
  • Density : 1,4 kg/l
  • Practical Coverage : 1,8 kg/m2
  • Shelf life : 12 months
  • Container Size : 35 kg/drum

  1. Specification

  • Fire Rated Ductwork is constructed from galvanized sheet steel manufactured to the HVAC or SMACNA standard, protected by the coating with thickness of approximately 0.7mm.
  • The Fire Rated Ductwork system has been tested acc.to BS476 Part 24 and ISO 6944 for Stability and Integrity. With ductwork extract system, it must remain at least 75% of its section along the length of the ductwork for 2 hours of fire.
  • Ductwork is produced in sections and is assembled on site utilizing tested fireproof gaskets/sealants (acc.to BS476 Part 24 or ISO 6944)
  • Accredited by the Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department.
  1. Appication process for Flamebar BW11 fire rated coating

  • Duct fabrication, fixing of flanges to Flamebar BW11 Standard Drawing, checking of ducts to ensure correct standard.
  • Clean the grease and dirt on the surface with water.
  • Prior to spraying, stir the mixture of Flamebar BW11 using a suitable mixer for at least 3~5 minutes.
  • Preparing the duct for spraying – apply Flamebar BW11 coating to the flange/duct connections, corner, gaps.
  • Spraying of Flamebar BW11 to all surfaces of the ductwork.
  • The Flamebar BW11 ductwork can be checked coating thickness once it is dry (12h after spraying) depending on weather and local site condition. Make sure the dry film thickness is at least 0.7mm for all surfaces of the ductwork.

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  • Construction area must be cool, low humidity
  • Limit construction in places that are airtight, with high humidity, …
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